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Bass Fishing Lures 

Sea Bass are the most prized saltwater species here in the UK. Offering anglers of all skill level a challenge that the can't resist. The thought of outrageously powerful takes followed by long vicious runs which are almost unstoppable on light gear, it’s no surprise why so many anglers dedicate their whole saltwater fishing to these fish. Whether you live by the coast and you can pop down for weeknight sessions or you are looking to make the most of your summers break to Cornwall, lures are an essential bit of tackle to help give you the best chances at landing one of these elusive predators. 


Here at Lure Shack, we are proud to be the lure fishing specialists providing anglers with top of the range tackle at unbeatable prices. All of our Bass lures are tried and tested by our experienced team of anglers, providing you with the total peace of mind that the lure you cast has the best possible chance of triggering a passing by fish into a take. 

Catching Sea Bass On Surface Lures 

Surface lures are not only one of the most exciting ways of targeting bass but they are also one of the most effective. When you catch the bass close in close hammering the baitfish on the surface, these lures come into their world. Perfectly imitating a damaged and panicked baitfish that is doing everything in its power to escape the feeding frenzy, surface lures offer bass an easy meal that they can’t resist. 


By using surface lures you also enable yourself to fish over extremely shallow and rocky marks snag-free. You can effectively present a lure in water as shallow as 1ft which just happens to be where the bass love to feed. As the tide comes in and floods the rockpools the bass often follow the flood and take this as the perfect opportunity to come to collect the baitfish that have been pined in the pools throughout the low tide. 

Weedless Shads For The Best Presentation 

With all types of lure fishing, there will always be weed and other natural plants that ruin the presentation of the fishing lure and give an artificially look to any predator passing by. Luckily, by using a weedless set up you can remove any exposed hook point which significantly reduces the chance of you causing any loose trends of weed. Hookups can still be just as effective but the weedless hook the only difference is that you can fish in more snaggy locations with total peace of mind. 

Weedless shads are becoming an extremely popular solution for targeting sea bass. With brands such as Minnow showing us how versatile these lures can be, many anglers are now choosing to solely fish these types of lures on river mouths and rocky marks with the huge swell. The coast can be extremely rugged and snaggy, when tying on a weedless shad you not only save yourself from losing multiple lures per session but you also can make the most out of your short session as your not wasting time retying on replacement lures.

Match The Baitfish With Sandeel Lures 

There is not much to say about sandeel lures other than they work and have caught specimen sized bass for many years now. Bass feed mainly on shrimp, molluscs and smaller fish including sandeels, by matching your lure to the exact food source that these preditors commonly eat you improve your chances of triggering these preditors into action. Available in a range of sizes, colours, patterns and swimming actions we are sure that these lures will provide you with consistent catching performance even on the most difficult of days.

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