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Fluorocarbon Leader For Perch & Zander

Fluorocarbon sets the standards for lure fishing leader material here in the United Kingdom. Providing anglers with a strong and reliable material to separate your lures to the mainline material, fluorocarbon offers perch and zander anglers with a stealthy approach for presenting finesse lures on pressured waters. Fluorocarbon is an essential bit of kit that every lure angler should have in their bag before having a session on the local waters. 


As a lure angler, you need to make sure all of your tackle is spot on before starting a session. There is no room for error when you're out on the water, you only might get one chance of a fish that day so you must be ready to make the most out of it. With our range of fluorocarbon leader materials, you can be sure that your leader won’t let you down. 

Zero Sacrifice on Sensitivity 

When targeting these predator species that we all know and love, sensitivity is everything. On those hard days, it may just be a slight pluck of the lure but with a light balanced and sensitive setup you can be there ready to react to that bite, hopefully converting this bit of interest to a fish on the bank. Especially when targeting zander on lures, sometimes the largest of fish can give the most subtle of bites so sensitivity is key. 


Fluorocarbon enables you to continue fishing a braided mainline with the bonuses offered by a light fluorocarbon leader. You can take advantage of the incredible abrasion resistance, discrete presentation and simple knotting ability whilst having no sacrifice on the sensitivity you feel through the rod tip.

Incredible Abrasion Resistance 

You can never be certain that the substances you are fishing over won’t don't have their own set of snags. All it takes is a sharp rock to brush over your braid and then the line has been significantly damaged to a point where you may end up losing a fish. With fluorocarbon, you gain the total peace of mind that your leader will absorb any snags without it damaging the strength of the line. This leaves you with the peace of mind that your setup will hold strong when you need it most. 

Discrete Lure Presentation

When fishing clear canals and still waters, presentation is key. There is no room for thick diameter, high visibility braid, you need to apply some more finesse to your fishing game. Fluorocarbon leaders give you 6-8 inches of crystal clear line which gives enough space to trick predators into taking your lure. This leader material is perfect for creating a realistic presentation for pressured fish, separating you from the crowds of other lure fishing anglers out on the water. 

Simple Knotting Properties 

A light setup with a braid under 10lb can be extremely difficult to knot. Braid tends to not grip knots very well which often leads to you needing to apply additional turns to the knot to ensure it grips correctly. Fluorocarbon offers a perfect solution to this problem, giving you an easy to use fishing line which grips knots extremely well and makes overall use so much easier. Better yet tie on one of our quick-change clips and then you only need to tie one knot and you ready to fish the entire session. 

Minimal Stretch When Striking

If you ever want a chance of landing those specimen perch and zander you need to have a solid setup ready to strike your hook into the top lip of those canal warriors. Old fish are not only wise to lures but they are also much tougher making it crucial that hook holds are firm from the off. Fluorocarbon offers just enough stretch to allow you to deal with those strong lunges of the fish whilst still being stiff enough to ensure that hook penetrates deep. This may just be the difference between landing your personal best fish or not. 

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