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Jig Heads 

As a lure angler, it’s crucial that you can get your lure down to the all-important “strike zone” where your target species likes to feed. Whether this is casting around the weedy shallows of a gravel pit or exploring the depths of a deep canal/river system, jigs are the go-to solution for targeting a range of predatory species in the United Kingdom. 


Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, it can often be confusing to know which jigs are best for your lures. Here at Lure Shack Ltd, we aim to make finding your new jig heads quick and easy. Bringing you the highest quality fishing tackle paired with expert advice, you can be sure that any jigs you order will be perfect for your fishing needs. 

Heavy-Duty Jig Heads

When fishing deep and snaggy river systems it’s important to have the right tackle for the job. By choosing a strong and reliable jig head you can almost guarantee that you will be able to put out of any snag which in turn will help to save your lures. Not only will this added strength help with dealing with snags but it will also help to improve your chances when playing specimen size fish in the flow. Often light jig heads are made with a thin wire which is not suitable for specimen size pike and zander. 


Choosing heavy-duty jig heads means you will be able to get your lure down in the water collum efficiently. On deep and hard flowing rivers it can feel almost impossible to get your lure down to the strike zone when you don’t have the correct size of jig head in place, therefore it's crucial that you have the right weight for the job.

Micro Jig Heads 

Finesse fishing is an incredibly fun way to target small zander and perch when you are out on the canal or river. These light jig heads allow you to fish small finesse lures which make for a great day of fishing catching wasp after wasp. There is also improved playing action when using finesse tackle, no longer are you feeling the weight of your lead across the bottom, you are now able to hold that lure in the strike zone for long periods of time perfect for targeting pressured fish. 


Here at Lure Shack Ltd, we specialise in finesse fishing tackle and this includes a wide range of ultra-light jig heads. With products ranging weighing as light as 1.8g, you can be sure that we will have the perfect jig for your fishing needs. 

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