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Fishing Lure Rigs

As for lure anglers, you are always looking for new ways to present lures in the environments where the predators spend the most time. Whether it be casting into weed beds or slowly presenting a lure alongside a lock gates, lure fishing rigs allow us to take our fishing right to where the predators find themself most comfortable. Regardless of your style of fishing, there is always a way to take your fishing to the next level with rigs. 


Finding a lure rig that you are 100% confident in is no easy job. As the seasons change you will often find that the substrates you are fishing over will change simultaneously. This creates a need for a diverse selection of fishing rigs that allow you to present your lures no matter what you face on the day.

Jig Rig

The simple yet effective Jig Rig involves a leader material of your choice, often fluorocarbon, and a weighted jig head. This is a lure fishing rig that is the standard for anglers throughout the United Kingdom due to its easy construction and ease of use. It's as simple as tying on a Jig head and then you're ready for a whole day of fishing. Changing over lures doesn't get any easier, often by using a jig head you can get away with chopping and changing lures all day without having to tie another knot.

Jika Rig

The Jika Rig combines a weedless hook presentation with a fixed weight setup which makes it simple to attach to your line but highly effective at preventing baits in snaggy environments. The Jika Rig is great for anglers looking to cover a lot of water and fishing scenarios throughout the session. You can simply attach a weedless presentation without the need to commit to a bullet weight set-up throughout the entire session.

Texas Rigs

The Texas Rig is a presentation that has become extremely popular for targeting specimen perch on lures over recent years. Combining a freerunning bullet weight with your favourite weedless hook, you are now able to cast into the densest weed with total faith that the lure is being presented correctly. The addition of a glass or plastic bead between your chosen hook and weight will help create an added rattle which helps to trigger those aggressive takes.

Carolina Rig

The Carolina Rig is very similar to the Texas Rig in many ways but the addition of a float stop that separates the bullet weight from the lure ensures a slow falling preposition when the lure is twitched across the bottom. By separating the bullet weight from the lure you create a free-falling lure that is almost irresistible for predators. The most realistic weedless presentation out there on the market, this rig is the perfect solution for shallows snaggy waters. 

Drop Shot Rig

The Drop Shot Rig needs no introduction, exploding in popularity amongst anglers, it has allowed carp anglers, tench anglers and sea anglers to experience the world of lure fishing in the most simplistic of ways. By attaching a drop shot lead to a length of fluorocarbon you can fish lock gates, bridges and water inflows with ease. The perfect presentation for those slow winter days, the drop shot is the perfect option. 


Here at Lure Shack Ltd, we stock an extensive range of perch fishing rigs suitable for anglers of all experience levels. Feel free to browse through all the different rigs available until you find the perfect presentation for the local water you fish. If you have any further questions about our products simply fill out our online contact form and we will get back to you the same day!