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Perch Fishing Lures

Are you looking to take your perch fishing to the next level? Well, our team here at Lure Shack Ltd are here to help you every step of the way. As a team of highly motivated lure anglers, we take pride in offering an extensive range of fishing lures at unbeatable prices. We work with some of the most trusted suppliers to make sure that we can bring weekend anglers that bit closer to breaking their personal best perch. 


We only stock fishing lures that we have tried and tested, this provides you with the total peace of mind that when you drop your lure into the margin, the action of the lure will be second to none. Whether you are looking for micro lures to get you some quick bits on the weekend or a larger finesse lure to help pick out those specimen fish, we have it all.

Locating Perch With Shads

As a lure angler, you will already know the importance of covering water. What better way to do this than clipping on a small shad and fishing fast through the water collum. Not only will this help trigger the perch to give you a reactive bite but this is also a reliable method for picking out those hungry perch that are on the feed. The perfect searching method all year round, one small pluck on the lure will give you the indication for where the perch are held out. Then its a case of slowing down that retrieve to give every perch in the area a chance to have a go at the lure. 


Shads are by far one of the most tried and tested methods for targeting perch. Not only are they highly effective at triggering bites but they give you an amazing feeling when a large perch hits the lure mid-water. The bold profile of these shads triggers all the predatory senses. Offering vibrations and water displacement these lures help to kick the perch into action, the realistic swimming profile of the lures will fool the oldest and most knowledge of perch. 

Fishing Micro Lures For Perch 

On short weekend sessions, all you need is a couple of quick bites to make the trip feel worthwhile. In this case, its time to take advantage of the fun offered by micro lure fishing. By attaching a small lure to your jig head you can enjoy catching plenty of small shoal perch which love the chase. Easy to find and great to catch on light fishing tackle, anglers of all levels of experience can appreciate this simple style of fishing. 

Micro lures can be used on all waters, from small local canals to large rivers. As long as the perch are present, there is always an opportunity to enjoy a bit of sport on your sessions. The best part about fishing micro lures is that you are never ruling any species out. Often you can head down to the canal with perch in mind and leave that day having caught both pike and zander. Micro lures tempt all predatory species as they are just an easy snack that they can’t resist.

Fishing Micro Lures For Perch 

Here at Lure Shack Ltd, our customers always come first. Regardless of how small your order may be, we will always be available to give you a helping hand to make sure you find the perfect products for your needs. Our live chat is always open for any questions you may have and we are always posting lure fishing blogs that can help answer some of the most common lure fishing questions that we are asked.