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Pike Fishing Lures 

Whether you are just getting started with pike fishing or you’re an experienced angler looking to refill the tacklebox, our team here at Lure Shack Ltd have everything you need. Our experienced team of lure anglers have hand-selected some of the best lures on the market with one goal in mind, to help give other anglers the best chance when they are on the bank. We only stock lures that we know work, offering you with the total peace of mind that when you clip on one of our lures, it will do exactly what you need it to do. 


As an angler, time can be very limited. With the everyday stress of working life, balancing time for friends and family and keeping on top of the chores, it can be hard to find the time needed to get on the bank and put together long lure fishing sessions. When these short windows of opportunity are available, you need to have total confidence that the lure you cast out will give you the best possible chance of catching you a fish. 

Fishing Soft Lures For Pike

Here at Lure Shack Ltd, we are huge fans of fishing soft lures for pike, not only do they provide great action in the water but they are highly affordable for all anglers. With pike being highly tuned into the vibrations and the action that these lures create, its no surprise that so many anglers turn to soft lures when it comes to searching out pike on those larger still waters or rivers. 


Perfect for those anglers who are just looking to get a couple of bites on a day session, soft lures offer pike anglers a simple and time-effective way to get on the bank and catch fish. Simply clip on your favourite lure and a jig head and your fishing. Smaller shads not only provide a great snack that pike can’t resist but these lures also open up the possibility to catch any other predators lurking, whether it be perch or zander

Fishing Hard Lures For Pike

Hard lures such as crankbaits, glide baits and surface lures are the perfect options when you looking to fire up the pike on a slower day. Over the years we have found that hard lures not only temp the fish into a bite but they almost annoy the fish so much that the attack the lure out of aggression. The huge rattling sensation created by most hard baits allows pike to lock into these lures and strike with precision. 

Hard lures are an essential part of any lure anglers tackle box. Regardless of the waters you have a ticket for, there will always be a need for these types of lures. We aim to stock lures in all colour patterns so finding a lure the matches the baitfish within your local water should be simple. If you require any further advice around lures please feel free to use our live chat. I’m sure that we can help and answer any questions you may have. 

Find The Perfect Pike Lures

Whatever your pike fishing needs, we have it covered. As a customer-focused online lure store, we will always go above and beyond to ensure every single person has access to the tackle that will make a difference. If you are looking for any further advice outside the products we stock please feel free to read our lure fishing blog. We are always posting new and exciting content around lure fishing and we may have answers to some confusing topics such as braid choice and setup choice.