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Where Can You Fish For Zander In The UK

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Zander fishing is an extremely controversial topic for all anglers. Deemed as an invasive species, zander was originally introduced into the waterways in 1878 they have since found their way into a large number of canals, rivers and still water venues across the country.

Luckily, we’re not here to feed the neverending debate if zander fishing should be allowed or not. You are clearly interested in catching your first zander so here is a guide to help you find some local fishing venues! In this article, we will be taking you through some of the UK’s most renowned zander fishing hotspots.

Finding A Local Water Holding Zander

Let’s give you some top tips about finding a local zander fishing water. First, start with your online research, googling some of the local river and canal venues nearby and checking on the online fishing forums. Next, speak to the local tackle shop and take advantage of any local knowledge. Finally, grab your permit and get exploring!

Stillwater Venues

The UK is blessed to have a wide variety of Stillwater venues that hold zander and good numbers of them too. The large reservoirs stand out as some of the most famous venues due to the countless tournaments being held on them. Luckily you don’t need to be a tackle 4,000+ acre venue to catch your first zander, there are also a number of smaller and more intimate venues which hold some cracking fish.

Rutland Water

If you follow any of the match lure fishing tournament winners such as Thom Hunt, Gary Palmer or Kev Cox you will have definitely come across a few pictures from Rutland water. This 4,200-acre water located in the heart of the East Midlands is a great venue for seasoned anglers looking to hone their sights in on specimen size zander.

Grantham Water

The famous Grantham water tower, I can almost guarantee you that it’s been in the background of some incredible zander captures. Grantham is an 806.3-hectare “biological site” known for its incredible fishing and stunning senary. Both Rutland and Gantham are huge expanses of water and require expert boat work skills to capture the specimen zander that live here.

Old Bury Hill Lake

Bury hill is an extremely special Stillwater venue that holds zander. Not only is it accessible to a wide range of anglers due to its location (the very outskirts of London) but it offers new and fairly inexperienced anglers the chance to catch zander from the bank. As seen on the likes of TA fishing this water is mostly fished using bait although lures are also allowed.

Canal Systems

The UK is absolutely covered in canal networks. Originally used for transporting goods around the country they are now home to some incredible fishing. Zander has crept their way into a huge amount of these canal systems. although electrofishing is still common practice, the vast majority of these zander filed canals still have a very healthy stock of fish and always will do.

Gloucester Canal

The Gloucester canal is water very close to my heart, it is where I really got into my light lure fishing and the excitement of the zander this water holds kept me coming back time after time again. This canal holds some seriously large zander, the majority of which are located at the Gloucester end. Here is the best part, this water is a day ticket water and is as simple as paying the bailiff on the bank.

Grand Union Canal

The Grand Union Canal based in the midlands is home to a very good number of zander. Due to its mercy colour and tight undercut margins, these predators have thrived. Whilst the union does hold the odd specimen fish, it is most known for its smaller zander which offers great sport if you’re just looking to get a bite. I recommend this canal for any new angler looking to land themself their first zander.

River Venues

Home to the United Kingdoms record zander, the rivers in this country offer some exciting angling. Rivers are fast becoming a very popular venue for targeting zander. Whilst the flow can take a bit of getting use to, if you are able to get a lure down to that strike zone, there are some stunning fish to be had.

River Severn

The lower river Severn has an abundance of specimen zander, that being said its also home to some seriously talented anglers. Sheer banks, deep water and snags make this river a challenge to fish but with a bit of persistence, this type of venue can put you in with the chance of landing a fish of a lifetime.

Warwickshire Avon

Whilst many know about the Warwickshire Avon for its incredible barbel fishing, it is also home to some extraordinary zander fishing as well. The Avon is your classic British river, a wide expanse of water with a very healthy stock of silvers, the golden formula for zander. Tactics for the Avon can be kept very simple, the important thing is location.

Finding Local Zander Fishing Waters Summary

There we have 7 different waters that hold some exhilarating zander fishing for all types of angler. To find out more information about any of these waters we recommend a quick google search with most of these waters being made accessible by fishing clubs such as the Birmingham Angling Association and Lure Angling Canal Club.

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