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Zander Fishing Lures

As one of the UK’s most beloved invasive species, Zander has become a great addition to the lure angling sport we have here in the UK. A species that you either love or hate, these precision predators are extremely fun to catch on lures and can challenge even the most experienced anglers. Whether it’s a hot summers day and you’re looking for some aggressive lure bites or it’s your braving a cold winters evening looking for a new PB, Zander are an amazing species to target. 


Finding a lure that you are 100% confident in is no simple job. As the seasons change you will often find that the lures this species attack will often change simultaneously. This creates a need for a diverse lure selection so regardless of what they are looking for on the day, you have it covered.

Searching For Zander With Shads 

Fishing a new water can be very daunting especially when your first getting into the sport. Luckily, lure fishing with shads can be a very effective way to cover lots of water and locate these fierce fighting Zander. We have selected a range of quality zander lures that have been tried and tested on local waters, giving you the total confidence that your new fishing lure will do exactly what they say on the box, catch zeds. 


The key to getting bites on shads are to make sure that you are fishing them extremely slow on the canal or river bed. Unlike Perch or Pike lure fishing, you will need to leave long pauses in between the turns of the reel, therefore, giving every interested Zander the chance to strike the lure. Offering the zander a slow falling shad is the best way to trigger a reaction bite even on the toughest of days. 

Fishing The Ned Rig For Zander 

When the going gets hard why not try switching over to a tactic that every lure angler has heard about by now, the ned rig. This finesse tactic allows you to effectively present your lure across the bottom of the canal with total confidence that your lure will be standing proud on the mushroom jig head taunting the zander into a bite. It can be difficult to get your head around this type of lure presentation but trust us when we say it works. Countless specimen zander fall to this method every year so why not give it a go. 


The ned rig can be used with any lure in any situation. Simply pick up a pack of mushroom jig heads and put on your favourite lure and watch it work wonders. Zander can be an extremely finicky species but slowing everything down and giving them a presentation that they can’t resist almost bullies this predator into a reaction. If your local water holds zander make sure you have the ned rig on hand. 

Zander Crankbaits Fishing 

The popularity of crankbaits continues to grow. With an increased number of professional anglers coming forward about how effective these tactics can be its no surprise that so many lure anglers are picking up some crankbaits to tackle there UK Zander fishing. Crankbaits boast the added attraction of a loud rattle and boisterous swimming action which no predator can resist. An amazing tactic for targeting Zander in the summer months, crankbaits are always a great option for catching everything from the smallest shoal fish to a true specimen. 


Here at Lure Shack Ltd, we are proud to stock a wide range of Zander lures supplied by industry-leading brands. All of our lures have been tried and tested by our team of experienced anglers and we are sure to help provide you with some great lures for your tackle box.