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What Braid Should You Use For Pike Fishing?

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Targeting pike can be an amazing way to help break up your fishing and gain some motivation when the colder months of the year finally roll in. There is simply no better feeling than waking up early and opening the blinds to find an overcast day with a frost blanket covering the grass. It’s these sort of mornings that make you glad that you're a lure angler.

Braid is an essential part of pike fishing, offering an ultra-sensitive, low stretch solution which allows you to set those hooks effortlessly into that stubborn pike jaws. Unfortunately, getting into pike fishing can be daunting for new anglers. Having to deal with a completely new line, bait and style of fishing, it’s never the most inviting thing when you’re starting.

Luckily we are here to help, our team can at least help simply one aspect of pike fishing. Our goal with this blog post is to help you find the perfect braid for your fishing reels. Allowing all new anglers to stop wasting time online shopping and spend more time on the bank.

The Breaking Strain of Braid

Braid breaking strain can be found with a breaking stain as little as 6lb and goes up to 100lb, both lend themself to completely different circumstances. As a new angler, you are going to have to aim for somewhere near the middle. You are going to need a braid which will allow you to pull your lures out of the most sturdy of snags yet subtle enough to blend to cut through the water appear invisible to the pike you desperately want to put on the bank.

I have 40lb braid on my pike setup which is more than enough power to deal with the canal snags I usually encounter, but every angler has different needs. For this reason, I have put together a quick little table which should give you an easy guide to help match your needs to the perfect braid.

Take a minute to think about the type of water you are fishing. Are the snags your likely to encounter small bushes and branches that reach into the margins or are you encountering submerged trees and trollies? If you constantly find yourself loosing gear its time to bump up the strength of your line and save some tackle.

The Diameter of Braid Mainline

Braid diameter is often overlooked when considering purchasing some new line for your reel. Whilst the breaking will a huge factor that contributes to the thickness of your braid, it’s still worth keeping in mind to ensure your braid cuts through the water and gives you the sensitivity you are looking for. Usually, 8 strand braid is my preferred choice as it offers maximum strength with a relatively low diameter.

A high-quality braid should not exceed 0.30mm in diameter, even those with 60lb braided line suited to the toughest rivers in the country such as the Wye and the Severn. If you go any heavier you not only put yourself at the risk of spooking the fish but this extra diameter may not work well with your pike setup. Suddenly your favourite fishing knot becomes a huge blob on the line.

Different Brands of Braid Available

There is a wide range of braid companies out there, each with their place in the market. For me, I have liked the Daiwa J Braid as it is extremely high quality and offers a low diameter for the strength it offers. I have used this braid for years across many different setups and I cannot seem to fault it. By no means does this mean this is the best, just from my experience it never has failed me and has put plenty of beautiful pike on the brank.

Selecting The Right Braid Colour

Does the colour of braid you use to influence a pikes decision to strike the lure? I would argue that it doesn’t, often the pike will be to fixated on the action of the lure itself without really thinking about the line that may potentially lie in front of it. That being said you have a wire trace as an additional bit of camo that helps keep any bright colours away from the lure itself.

Why add a section on braid colour then? Well, whilst I don’t think the colour you chose will directly contribute to the pike decision of hitting the lure, it will aid your fishing. Choosing a high visibility braid like yellow, pink or green will help you keep track of where the lure is in the water. This will allow you to better avoid snags which could just lead to you presenting a lure correctly for a second longer giving that PB a chance to smash the lure.

Choosing Braid For Your Pike Fishing

To summarise, the braid you put on your reel needs to suit your fishing. You need to have faith that it will provide the strength to penetrate bony pike jaws whilst not being overkill for the water you fish. If you follow the breaking strain guide and chose a decent brand such as Daiwa, Spiderwire or Power Pro I’m sure that you will have no problem. Throw the towel in on your research, make the decision and go catch yourself some beautiful pike.

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